Our Ministries

One of the best ways to enhance your experience as a member of the church and the body of Christ is to get involved in the ministry.


The main purpose of this fellowship is to; bring men of all ages to the knowledge of God, comprehend their need for salvation, understand and acknowledge their God given responsibilities in the home and community. The Men’s Ministry will develop committed relationships by focusing on the spiritual, educational, and personal development of young and older men alike. It is designed to provide support, counseling, friendship, reinforcement and constructive examples.


The Women Ministry is a sisterhood that ministers to the women of The Women Department. The ministry seeks to reach out to all women and equip them by encouraging, nurturing and building them up in Christ through God’s Word, fellowship and service. We provide an outlet for women to enrich their walk with God through Bible-based activities and social events.


cross_icon-1cA.L.I.V.E. Ministry

A.L.I.V.E. is the Adolescents Living in Victory Everyday Ministry, which is designed to provide teens ages 13-15 with an avenue of understanding the value of standing out amongst the world and not just blending in. The main focus of this group is to teach and train teens regarding who they are in Christ and in society. Additionally, within this ministry teens are offered information pertaining to the importance of education, work ethics, role models and spiritual and social growth. Attending events with other teens in the proper environment will help develop continuity and partnership that will become critical as they become influential in society.

cross_icon-1cS.T.O.R.M. Ministry

S.T.O.R.M. is the Strong Teens on a Real Mission Ministry, which is designed to provide teens ages 16-19 with an avenue of belonging, an environment of trust, activities which build teamwork, lessons for life and a solid foundation regarding Christianity. The main focus of this group is to teach spiritual character as well as moral standards. Additionally, during this class teens are offered information pertaining to cleanliness, Christianity and their role as leaders. Through organized meetings and outings, the teens will engage with each other and staff members. Attending events with other teens in the proper environment will create a partnership that will become critical as they introduce others to the love of Jesus Christ.

cross_icon-1cMinistry Opportunities:

  • Bible Study Workshops @ 7:00pm
  • 5th Sundays Youth Worship @ 10:30 am
  • Daughters of Destiny- Praise Dance
  • Sons of David- Mime Team
  • Youth Choir
  • Children’s Choir
  • Youth Drama Team
  • Youth Media Ministry
  • Project Esther


The Lively Stones Ministries Worship Center offers many opportunities for members to connect with each other and grow in the knowledge of Christ. Our church has more than 20 ministries to choose from. For more information about our ministries select a ministry toggle below:

Adjutant/Armor Bearer Ministry

The Adjutant/Armor Bearer Ministry are men and women who serve, help and assist the leadership. These servants, who highly esteem their leaders, act as intercessors on their behalf. In addition to assisting with affairs and standing by their sides, the Adjutant/Armor Bearer is someone who dedicates their life and time to help build the life and ministry of their leaders.

Nurse's Unit Ministry

The Medical Ministry responds to emergency and non-emergency health related needs of the congregation and special guest during service while adhering to the "Good Samaritan Laws" of the State of Alabama. The ministry also collaborates with medical professionals, community leaders and agencies to identify outside resources, opportunities and events that promote spiritual health and formal education on health related issues.

Deacons Ministry

The vision of the Deacons Ministry is to minister to the body of Christ and assist the pastor with the work of the ministry related to congregational care. This group of men, appointed by the pastor, follows up with sick and shut-in members and prays for and with church members who are experiencing hardships. Participation in this ministry is available to persons who are invited to serve as a Deacon of the church.

Public Relations Ministry

This Ministry is headed by the Public Relations Officer and serves as the main voice of the church, sharing information with the community about the organization’s mission, needs and activities. The Public Relations Officer works with many audiences, from church employees and parishioners to community leaders and the media.

Hospitality Ministry

One of the primary requirements of a successful worship experience is the receptive mindset of the worshipers. The Hospitality Ministry has a major role in contributing to that mindset. This ministry is dedicated to setting the initial positive tone by greeting worshipers and those attending Bible study with genuinely friendly smiles and a desire to provide assistance. They also serve as hosts for special events and activities that are held at the church.

Welcome Ministry

Providing assistance to the pastors as they fulfill God’s plan for the church by helping others feel comfortable and welcome as they enter the doorways of the church.

Transportation Ministry

The vision of the Transportation Ministry is to provide transportation services for various groups to and from special events and activities. The ministry provides shuttle services to members and special guest from home to church and back on Sundays and during the week.

Ushers Ministry

The Ushers Ministry of Lively Stones Ministries Worship Center assists the pastor, members and special guest during services and events. Their purpose is multi-faceted and includes the need to view ushering as an opportunity to win souls for Christ; to provide comfort and support to worshipers; to secure seating and to ensure that order is maintained within the sanctuary.

Dance Ministry

The mission of Lively Stones Ministries is to lead the people of God into His transforming presence through choreographed and spontaneous praise, celebration, stepping and worship dance. The dances are ministered as an outpouring of a personal and intimate relationship with God.

Bible Study Ministry

The Bible Study Ministry is one of the key teaching ministries embedded within the local church. It is designed to teach and train children of God of all ages. Its focus will be to cover various Biblical topics, which stimulate interest, growth and spiritual maturity. It also serves an evangelical role in the teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all those who attend.

Media Ministry

The vision of the Media Ministry is to present profound, practical and expository preaching and teaching in order to give guidance to the believer and salvation to the lost. We reach the masses through television, radio and Internet broadcasts, audio and video sales and various forms of printed media. It is our prayer that many lives will be changed and many souls will be brought into the Kingdom as a result of this ministry.

Sunday School Ministry

This ministry seeks to educate Lively Stones Ministries about Jesus Christ and Biblical principles through diverse and practical approaches. The mission of Sunday school is to actively support the church by providing a sound Christian educational foundation.

Membership Care Ministry

The Membership Care Ministry focuses on building the church for excellence in ministry. This ministry is to assist the Pastor by maintaining communication, developing relationships and knowing the state of the flock. Its goal is to maintain a consistent approach in love and representation of God and his leader. Team members must be willing to create an atmosphere of effectiveness, efficiency and excellence in ministry.

Helps Ministry

Those who are not called to the pulpit have a calling to work in another wonderful ministry…The Ministry of Helps. Helps is a very necessary ministry. Without it, the Church could not function. Without Helps, ministers of the Word would be too overworked to hear clearly from God, causing them to be unable to preach and lead effectively. As a believer in the Ministry of Helps, you are vitally important to work of the ministry.

Security Ministry

The Security Ministry is an elite team of sharp, confident, and capable men and women who play an important role in ensuring that services progress smoothly without interruption and disturbance. They help create a safe and conducive environment for the members and special guest attending Lively Stones Ministries.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry’s primary duty and responsibility is to have prepared music for all required services. The music is to be presented in such a way during each service so as to help create an atmosphere of corporate worship and unity in the congregation. This atmosphere will prepare the way for the move of the Holy Spirit and the ministry of the Word.

Sunday School Ministry

This ministry seeks to educate Lively Stones Ministries about Jesus Christ and Biblical principles through diverse and practical approaches. The mission of Sunday school is to actively support the church by providing a sound Christian educational foundation.

Christian Education Pastor

The Director of Christian Education is responsible for working with the Christian Education Team and pastor to organize and resource Lively Stones Ministries education programs.